How to Choose Your Frames

It is vital to protect your eyes. Doing so by wearing sunglasses that suit the shape of your face and enhance your look is even better. So check out the expertise of Solaris teams with these few recommendations.

 For a fairly round face

If you have a round face, plump cheeks or prominent cheekbones, frames that are angled or have a broken shape help to give structure by creating a break with the roundness.

  • If you wish to structure your face, opt for rectangular or square sunglasses or perhaps butterfly or oval shapes.
  • On the other hand, you can choose to accentuate the curve of your face by choosing round sunglasses.

Selected products for round face

For a rather square face

If your face is square with a fairly wide forehead and rather strong jaw line (width and length in the same proportions) you can choose to accentuate your personality with geometric shapes or, on the other hand, soften it by avoiding square or overly angular sunglasses.

  • If you wish to soften the square line, opt for round or oval sunglasses that are fairly wide to fill the square space, with rather rounded, fine edges.
  • Choose sunglasses with angular shapes if you wish to emphasise the muscular or masculine aspect of your face. 

Selected products for square face

For a face that tends to be triangular and wider at the top or at the bottom

If you have a fairly broad forehead and your face is much slimmer at chin level, opt for fairly rounded shapes in rather light materials with thin frames.

If you have a fairly narrow forehead and your face is much wider at cheek and chin level, it is advantageous for your sunglasses to draw attention to the top of your face, thanks to colourful frames for example or half-rims that emphasise the top part of the sunglasses. 

Selected product for triangular face

For a fairly oval face

If the curves of your forehead and chin are in proportion, you can choose any shape of sunglasses: people with oval faces can wear round, square, rectangular or butterfly-shaped sunglasses, …

  • Opt for a frame that is as wide or even a little wider than your face
  • If you have a long, oval face, sunglasses with frames that are well visible will enable you to “cut” your face in two and soften the impression of a long face.

Selected products for Ovale face